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SharePoint - The specified user or domain group was not found


While configuring service accounts, I reached to the page from my Central Administration.

I troubled myself when I got this silly error message

"The specified user or domain group was not found"

The page doesn't allow me to move forward.

I can provide more details if there is some hope to get me out of this.


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It include multiple steps to resolve the issue:

  • Run the following command from SharePoint 2010 Management Shell to verify the user profile you need exists.


  • Connect to your SharePoint_Config database from SQL Server Management Studio and execute the following query

    SELECT [Name], [Version], CAST([Properties] as xml)From [SharePoint_Config].[dbo].Objects] with (nolock) Where [Name] LIKE ‘%Profile%’

    the above query will return a set of results as XML. Search the text name="m_SerializedAcl".

  • Find your user name in the XML, it will be paired with key value as identityName.

If you have added a user and entry is not done in this file, you will get the error "The specified user or domain group was not found" else you are done.


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Asked on: 6/17/2013
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