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Which file system is better FAT32 or NTFS?


I have two different PCs, each have Windows XP and Windows 7.

Windows XP is having FAT32 Windows 7 is with NTFS

Till date I am not clear which file system is better and what is the advantage of NTFS over FAT32.

Can anyone clarify this please?


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Its obvious thing that NTFS is far better than FAT32.

FAT32 is more than a decade old file system where as NTFS is youger than it.NTFS is stable file system and thats why it is used in server systems.Have you ever seen any Windows Server having FAT32??It is rearly possible..because NTFS gives you File Level security.

In NTFS you can set permissions from File to Drive level that is not possible in FAT32.

FAT32 has its own advantage that most of the Windows client machines like Windows XP, ME, Vista and Windows 7 all uses the same. All client related software have cent percent compatibility with FAT32.


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Asked on: 8/14/2013
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